How to Protect Your Self Storage Unit

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Becoming a victim of burglary can be quite devastating. Moreover, having your items stolen from a self storage facility can be shocking. Is this really a big problem and are there customers facing a greater risk than it was a few years ago? You will be surprised to learn that most self storage break-ins go unreported. Although there is a reduction in theft of self-storage facilities, there is a need to be proactive about preventing theft.

Choose a Secure Self Storage Facility

self storageThe first thing to do is to choose a storage Balcatta facility that is secure and well-maintained. Ensure you review security features at the facility before you rent a unit. Before you book a facility, you should consider reviewing all listed security features and call a manager whenever you need any form of clarification. Also, you should visit the facility in person. Check whether the storage facility is well-lit and has a functional outdoor and indoor lighting. The facility should have gated access. Other things to look for include the installation of video surveillance cameras.

Next Level Security

You should note that video surveillance technology can help deter potential thieves who spot security cameras. The primary purpose of surveillance is to help facility managers to review what happened after a burglary. If you want to give your items the much-needed security, you should look for a storage facility that has individual door alarms and access control systems.

Access Control Systems

In this case, you can only access your facility after using individual codes, security cards, or remotes. The technology provides self-storage managers with a record of a person using the facility at all times. However, this makes it difficult for potential burglars to gain access.

Individual Door Alarms

These types of alarms offer an extra layer of security by alerting self-storage operators when an unauthorized person tries to enter a particular unit. The truth is that these alarms are quite effective in protecting against a common form of theft that occurs when a customer tries to clear another customer’s unit.

Avoid Crash and Grab

If you have a few high-value items among the stored possessions, it is a good idea to place the valuables in the back of your unit. In so doing, you can protect your important belongings. You should note that thieves can break into several units and try to get whatever looks like of high value. Since the burglaries happen quite quickly, crooks do not have adequate time to sort out the available items.