MS Word is among the most popular document processing application, if not the most popular. However, even the most loyal MS word users have a reason to explore other options such as PDF. In light of this fact, you will always find people seeking PDF services to help them convert their word docs to PDF and vice versa. One stand out difference between these two formats is that MS word documents can be edited, where PDF cannot. That said, here are some top reasons to convert your word documents to PDF.

Word Documents are Prone to Losing Their Formatting

One of the main reasons most people prefer storing their documents in PDF is that they cannot lose their formatting. In light of this fact, why should you risk keeping them in word when you can convert them to PDF. It is worth noting that word documents might lose their formats when used in the same computer, but a different printer. If you want to keep your formatting intact, make sure your word documents are converted to PDF.PDF folder

MS Word Documents Have Multiple Versions

MS words have been progressively updated over the years. While these developments are aimed at enhancing the user experience, different people share different preferences. Some opt to stick to the older version, while others might prefer newer versions such as the Word 2016. In light of this fact, opening texts from new versions on an older version might leave you struggling with poor spacing. On the other hand, .pdf files are universally similar, which means that you do not have to worry about conflicting styles, irrespective of the version you are using. 

There are Multiple Word Processors

MS Word is one of many word processing software out there. This means that you might be communicating with a person using different software, which might lead to some styling conflicts. On the other, PDF files remain universal and can be accessed using a variety of applications. This means that documents meant for a large audience look great when in PDF. 

PDF is Mobile Friendly

As most people turn their focus on smartphones, you do not have to lag. Unlike word documents, PDF files are easily accessible, considering that their apps are usually free and plenty. If you want to enjoy premium word features, this might require that you dig deeper into your pockets.