HTG Online Semi-Annual Payment Plan (6 months)

HTG Online Semi-annual payment plan (Credit Card charged every 6 Months) More details...
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HTG Online Semi-Annual Payment Plan (6 months)
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HTG Online Member Agreement


This Membership Agreement is entered into by and between the undersigned Member and Heartland Tech Group, L.L.C., an Iowa limited liability company (“HTG”). References to “Members” include the individual Member, as well as other Members in the HTG Online Peer Group (HTGOPG). The Agreement also includes the conditions previously accepted in the HTG Membership Application – Online.


Code of Conduct:

All Members will operate their companies and themselves in a manner consistent with the vision, purpose, mission, and values of HTG. Members will conduct themselves with a focus on “Business and personal growth driven by execution.”




Passion for excellence in leadership, execution and accountability drives us to become the leading community of technology partners.



Make a continual difference in each Member’s life, and to encourage Members to live their lives with a balance between family, spirit, health and work.



Operate communities of peers who meet regularly to plan life, leadership and business goals, review performance, demand execution, enforce accountability, share best practices and achieve life-work balance.



Excellence through Execution

Accountability through Self-Leadership and Responsibility

Community through Trust, Honesty and Integrity

Growth and Success through Life-Work Balance



You Agree to:

·         Participate in good faith in an HTGOPG, mentor other HTGOPG Members, and openly share your best practices and relevant financial information.

·         Develop, set and achieve goals aligned with your business, leadership, life and legacy/disaster recovery plans.

  • Consider and treat any proprietary information shared in an HTGOPG meeting or communication as confidential and such information can only be used or further disclosed in the manner authorized by the owner.  Such information shall be surrendered, deleted or destroyed upon termination from the HTGOPG.
  • Not solicit customers or employees from other Members learned about through HTGOPG meetings.  If you receive a resume from another Member’s employee, you shall notify the other Member prior to contacting a prospective employee.
  • Not market, as a vendor, services to other Members while participating in an HTGOPG.  
  • Contact the other involved Member(s), in the event any potential conflict arises, and make them aware of the situation and resolve the matter promptly without going to court.
  • Waive all claims and causes of action against HTG, its employees, agents and facilitators from any and all liability arising out of your participation in an HTGOPG, except those arising out of the unauthorized use or disclosure of proprietary information. 
  • Indemnify and hold harmless HTG and other Members from all claims and causes of action brought by any third party arising out of your use of information, services, products and/or advice obtained through or related to your participation in HTGOPG or other HTG-sponsored activities.
  • Contact HTG management should questions arise related to these or other conditions of membership.


Cancelation of Membership

·         Participation can be canceled by you or HTG at any time with 30 days written notice.

·         Restrictions herein shall survive the termination of this Agreement.  You acknowledge other Members are intended third party beneficiaries of those restrictions.




By accepting the agreement and purchasing the membership you acknowledge the terms of the agreement.

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