Conveying Knowledge and Trust Critical to Online Video Delivery

Can we agree due diligence plays an important role in selecting any prospective organization you intend to do business with? Odds are, your time is precious. Most of us would rather watch an individual share who they are & what their business is all about, rather than read about it. These conditions, along with the increasing demand for quality, have created the perfect storm for professional internet delivered video.

When capturing content, there are some effective principals we at Varvid follow. These are meant to help you understand the difference between OK footage and videos that connect and engage.

Engagements should first and foremost be face-to-face encounters. Meet with your subjects on location at industry events or at their businesses –seek them out on their turf. We believe strongly in the power of internet delivered video as a tool for driving small business success, but of course we first require a face-to-face video shoot to make that happen. It is the cornerstone of what makes our company successful.

When capturing video, your goal is to bring a sense of humanity to what is usually a highly structured and scripted process by offering folks an opportunity to speak in their own words. Conversely, most clients have little to no experience in front of a camera, so it is extremely important to engage your clients before every video shoot by starting a face-to-face dialogue about their concerns, questions and overall objectives.

A great rule of thumb - lose the script! Most people aren’t professional media savants who can read aloud the Gettysburg Address like they were placing an order at McDonald’s. Instead, draft some bullet points your interviewee can expand on in their own words. Think of unique stories surrounding this particular person that might be of relevance. For example, do they have a dramatic anecdote of how your backup solution “saved” their company after a big fire, flood, etc.? Your goal is to keep the on-camera conversation honest, genuine and, above all, natural.

Capturing video that rises above the noise runs parallel to the HTG core value of building a sense of community with each other and with our clients. In short, a successful video project is the product of personal interaction with clients.

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